Aluminum Chloride Side Effects

Aluminum Chloride is a corrosive and hydroscopic substance that interacts with water and bases, producing an exothermic reaction with a lot of heat and the release of hydrochloric acid fumes. The intensity of the violence of its reaction with water will depend on the grade of aluminum chloride involved in the reaction. When not exposed to moisture, the compound is non-explosive and is not flammable.

Side Effects in Manufacturing

Because a reaction between any aqueous base and aluminum chloride leads to the generation of hydrochloric acid fumes, the compound has to be handled with care. It can cause respiratory tract irritation and even lead to serious pulmonary problems. Thermal and acid burns may also occur in case of direct contact with the skin, so rubber gloves, goggles and rubber shoes and protective overalls should be used when working with the compound. In case of contact with the skin or eyes, consult a doctor immediately.

Side Effects of Aluminum Chloride in Cosmetics and Toiletries

When using antiperspirants and other toiletries that contain hydrous aluminum chloride, side effects are common. First-time users and those with sensitive skin have reported mild itching, tingling and irritation. However, these side effects should only be experienced after the first few applications. If the symptoms persist or worsen, contact your physician immediately. Some people may also experience dryness in the area of application, which can easily be remedied by using prescription moisturizers.

Severe Dermatological Side Effects

While most people only experience mild aluminum chloride side effects, some users may face a serious allergic reaction to the compound. Seek immediate medical attention if the dermatological symptoms worsen, resulting in inflammation and redness. Instances of rash, hives, and swelling should also be promptly reported. Individuals who suffer from anaphylactic reaction to aluminum chloride may experience symptoms such as swelling and itching of the tongue, throat and face, dizziness and breathing trouble. Anyone exhibiting these side effects should seek emergency care immediately.

Is Alzheimerís a Side Effect?

Some experts suggest that prolonged exposure to aluminum chloride may lead to Alzheimerís disease. One of the distinctive causes of the degenerative disorder is an accumulation of aluminum in the brain tissue. Age, as well as aluminum in the neurons, leads to the onset of the degeneration process. However, there is no indication of whether tissue damage is a result of aluminum accumulation or the damaged tissue begins to absorb an increased amount of aluminum.

Can Aluminum Chloride Exposure Cause Cancer?

There have also been reports that aluminum absorption through the skin cells can cause cancer. This particularly holds true in case of women who shave their armpits before using antiperspirants with a high concentration of aluminum chloride. The chaffing of the skin caused due to shaving heightens the absorption of the metal in the compound. The toxicity caused due to aluminum entering the cells may prove carcinogenic and can cause malignant growth of cells in the breast tissue.

Unlike other metals found in nature that have some nutritive properties, aluminum does not do anything to help the human body. Actually, metal toxicity can be caused due to constant exposure, so it is imperative to consult with a physician before using any product that contains aluminum chloride. Even preparations that contain the compound in an inactive form can cause allergic reactions, so itís advisable to talk to your pharmacist for more information.